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Clean oil speaks volumes …

Oil contamination is the number one killer of mining and construction equipment, so maintaining clean oil is one of the best investments a company can make. Pure Oil uses state-of-the-art, on-site oil analysis equipment, and we back our findings in our own full-service lab. This allows us to help you set up a program to get the most from your equipment.

We will clean your oil and work with you to implement predictive maintenance programs to help you keep the oils clean and dry. We are here to help reduce costs by saving your equipment from costly repairs, all while reducing the waste of oils and minimizing the hazards of disposal.

According to GPM Hydraulic Consulting, more than 96% of all hydraulic failures can be traced directly to oil that has been improperly cared for. That’s a percentage that can translate into hundreds of thousands of dollars in downtime, lost production, costly repairs, labor cost and more.


Debris and garbage filtered out of the oil of a new crusher.



Do You Know What the Two Main Sources of Lubricant Contamination are?





condensation water

If the oil/lubricant reservoir is humid or has temp fluctuations, the oil quality is likely comprised due to moisture. Filter, breathers and a systematic oil cleaning program will cut down on this problem and save money.



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No one knows how or why, but debris can end up in an oil/lubricant reservoir especially if it doesn’t have proper filters in place. We’ve seen gloves, shop rags, duct tape, rocks, and more come out of tanks. These contaminants have the power to degrade lubricants and thus compromise machinery.



Benefits of an Oil Contamination Control Program



Minimal Environmental Impact

In addition to saving money, cleaning existing oil reduces the need for hazardous disposal.



Reduction in Downtime

By implementing an oil maintenance program, companies are able to reduce machine downtime and lost production. Once a machine is down, then you have to factor in component repair and replacement, repair labor costs, material and supply costs and more.


Extend Equipment Life

A proper oil contamination control system ultimately results in more reliable equipment operation and in most cases an increase in equipment performance.


“Oil doesn’t break down. Equipment does.”

Here’s the program we recommend for our clients:


Oil before we cleaned and filtered it.

1. Start with an analysis of your oil/fuel/lubricant.

2. Proceed with oil cleaning and filtration.

3. Clean fuel storage and bulk tanks, or else you are putting clean oil back into a dirty environment.

4. Develop a system to maintain fluid cleanliness levels for all new fluids upon arrival.

5. Install high-quality filters and breathers to keep dirt and water out of fluids.

6. Establish a regular oil analysis program and schedule.

The same oil after we cleaned and filtered it.

Replace or Rebuild Hydraulic Components

mining equipment

We now offer the added service of replacing or rebuilding your hydraulic components, pumps, motors, cylinders, control valves, valve banks and more. We utilize OEM parts – Rex Roth, Danfoss, Char-Lynn, Parker-Denison, etc.