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Pure Oil Technologies, formerly Eye of the Tiger, LLC, is a family-owned business with 59 years of combined experience in providing superior service and customer satisfaction.

During our extensive time in the field, we have learned that by adopting a comprehensive equipment maintenance program, companies save boatloads of money in repair costs and also reduce downtime from equipment being offline.

Contamination of oil is the number one killer of mining and construction equipment. With a regular oil change, you only get 60% of the oil, only 60% of the contamination.

Pure Oil Technologies specializes in oil cleaning and drying services. We offer on-site oil analysis, system cleaning and oil filtration and we can do it in the time it takes to complete a regular oil change.


Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson

Owner & Founder

Tom Anderson has worked in mining since 1969, after returning from service in Vietnam. Tom worked for several mines and equipment manufactures until 1982, when he took the position of maintenance superintendent for the Western Central Division for Brown & Root, Inc. While in that capacity, he was given the opportunity to work with the Colorado School of Mines studying gear design and failure, and he also had the opportunity to work with oil manufacturers on oil design and the effects of different oils on various components.

Tom was responsible for establishing an oil analysis and trending program for all of Brown & Root, Inc. to reduce overall maintenance costs and extend the service life of components.

Sam Anderson

Sam Anderson

Operations Manager

Sam Anderson started in mining in 1991, working for Brown & Root, Inc., as an oiler. He moved up to a mechanics helper working with field service hands from Caterpillar and Ingersoll Rand, later moving on to different equipment manufacturers.

Sam learned about different systems and through Caterpillar, he was able to attend Great Basin Community College, where he studied hydraulics, machine electronics and engines, and then took several refresher courses while working for Tamrock Sandvik.


Doris Anderson

Doris Anderson

Business Manager

Doris Anderson is the matriarch of the family. She has a varied administrative background having worked for City Market and in the banking industry. Since 2006 when she was recruited for the family business, Doris has been handling all the accounting and admin duties so that Sam can do what he does best.




We will never recommend a program you don’t need. And we’ll always shoot straight with you, even if you don’t need our service. That’s how we work to build your trust.


If our nearly 60 years in this business doesn’t convince you, we also have great testimonials and recommendations from our clients. We encourage you to call them.


Problem Solving

Your best interest is our business. We’ll do a thorough analysis and spend time to improve your oil/fuel/lubricant management.

Customer Support

When you become our customer, you become our friend in business. And that means we are always available to answer any questions and concerns. Just pick up the phone.