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Pure Oil Technologies provides full-service oil maintenance and filtration from oil cleaning and drying services to predictive maintenance programs.

Oil contamination is the number-one killer of mining and construction equipment, so maintaining clean oil is one of the best investments a company can make. According to the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, for every $1,000 spent on quality lubricants and lubrication maintenance practices, a yield of $40,000 of savings is realized.

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Our Services

Oil Sampling & Analysis

The single most important preventative maintenance procedure is regular oil sampling and analysis. Much like a doctor runs tests to make a diagnosis on a patient, our trained technicians take samples of oil, check equipment, components and filters – all in order to search for the signs and sources of wear.

Oil Flushing & Filtration

Pure Oil Technologies uses Schroeder Industries machines and filters to achieve micronic filtration so that your equipment and machinery run at peak performance and stay that way. Our system is designed for efficient removal of particulate and/or water contamination of hydraulic fluids.

Fuel Storage Cleaning

Did you know that new fluids arriving at your business typically don’t meet hydraulic component industry standards for cleanliness? And, when dirty oil is put into dirty tanks, that’s a recipe for major contamination. In addition to filtering fluids before they are put into storage, Pure Oil Technologies recommends cleaning and decontaminating storage tanks, drums and system reservoirs.

Filter Sales

Pure Oil Technologies sells a wide variety of filtration devices and breathers from Schroeder Industries and Baldwin which remove particles and moisture thus preserving the working life of the oil. With proper filters and breathers in place, you will ensure that contaminants don’t enter your fluid reservoirs and machinery. Our company can also custom-build filters for your specific needs. Contact our filter sales specialist, Tom Anderson, at or 970-985-2441.

Fuel Polishing

Fuel filtration takes out the particulates (sediment, dust, trash, etc.) by passing the fluid through a porous filter. Fuel polishing uses centrifuges and filters to remove water from fuel. All fuels contain some amount of water in suspension which can raise havoc on equipment and machinery and shorten lifespan if not properly polished. Water contamination in fuel is one of the chief enemies of heavy machinery.

What Customers Are Saying About Our Service

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“FLSmidth has employed the services of (Pure Oil Technologies) on multiple occasions to filter and clean oil systems on FLSmidth crushing equipment this year. Their services have been professional and timely. They have provided valuable consultation and played an important role on our project team. On all future jobs in the intermountain west, we plan to partner with (Pure Oil) and can recommend them to others with confidence.”

Jason Snedaker

Project Manager, FLSmidth Salt Lake City, Inc.

“Pure Oil Technologies has and will continue to filter my drills. After the first six months of filtering my drills, I received a phone call from my hydraulic-rebuild guys. They wanted to know if I was taking my business somewhere else. We were down a little more then $100,000 from the year before. In the past we would never send a drill somewhere without spare pumps and motors. Now we keep everything at the shop because it has become a rarity to change one. This has helped us in numerous ways. The cost of constant rebuilding. The downtime related to losing a component, and the number of spares we need to keep on hand. I could not find someone that could or would filter my drills underground. Pure Oil built a special unit small enough to pack around underground from rig to rig. I also leave it up to them to work with my field foremen. There are times when working with the foremen can be troubling. It’s not as high on their priority list to get the rigs filtered. The foremen tell me that Pure Oil has made the process quick and simple so that they themselves have less hassle.”

Jason Rynearson

Maintenance Supervisor, Timberline Drilling

“Pure Oil Technologies has helped me tremendously with my equipment that I have been responsible for. I have found that simply cleaning a system by hand and hoping another failure doesn’t happen is the stone-age way of maintaining equipment, and extremely costly. Pure Oil’s systems ensure that your systems will be in the best condition, and giving you the most return for your money. I have seen this first-hand and watched my numbers improve immediately. It really is the future of maintenance.”

Johnny Harrington

Maintenance Planner, Lhoist North America

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why spend time and money to clean oil when we can just change it and get back to work?

When you change the reservoir, you are only getting 60% of the oil out of the system and run the chance of getting air into the pumps leading to premature failure and further contamination.

What if you strip the additives out of our oil?

Oil is designed with filter-ability in mind. If your oil can’t be filtered you should look for a better oil.

Why should we worry about water if we’re not by a lake or river?

A metal tank with oil or fuel in it will create water on the inside when the temperature changes by as little as 20 degrees. It’s like when you take a soda out of the fridge and it starts building droplets on the outside.

Why can’t we use pressure washers and steam clean our tanks?

Water and oil don’t mix, and even if you completely dry it before filling it with oil, you still have residue and contaminates.

Oil is cheap, why not just change it out?

The oil is, indeed, cheap compared to the pumps and downtime, but the cleaner the oil, the longer the life of the equipment and the less downtime.

Why can’t we just do this ourselves?

It has been discovered that companies trying to implement their own internal contamination-control program end up frustrated and drop the program. Typical reasons being the person who initiated the program moved up in the company or retired; or the people they trained move over to their competitors; or when a catastrophic failure happens, it becomes more important to get the machine up and producing, so all resources are put toward repairs instead of prevention.

Why can’t we just call you in to do the clean out after a failure?

It’s like modern medicine: We can help set you up for regular check-ups (periodic clean outs and particle monitoring), or we can wait for the open heart surgery to clean the arteries (clean out after catastrophic failure). The choice is either pay a little now, or a lot later.

I’ve taken a sample of our new oil and don’t see any contamination. Do I still need your service?

The contamination that sticks to valves and servos causing problems with hydraulic systems is 4 microns and smaller, down to a 1/2 micron. To put this in perspective, a human hair is 80 microns, and the human eye can’t see anything smaller than 50 microns.

I use a quality filters so I shouldn’t have any problems. Right?

The OEM-designed filtration is the system designed to maintain a healthy system but not clean out the system. Every time the machine is started, stopped, throttled up and down, the surges in pressure cause the filters to temporarily be bypassed and allow contaminants past.

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